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Medical Grade Tantalum 

X-medics is a leading supplier of medical grade tantalum beads, tantalum balls, tantalum spheres and tantalum wire markers for improving x-ray radiopacity in implant applications. As a specialized niche player X-medics Scandinavia is constantly optimizing the product portfolio, product testing, documentation and business setup to fulfill customer needs today and in the future.

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» Medical Grade Tantalum Beads / Balls / Spheres
» Medical Grade Tantalum Rods
» Medical Grade Tantalum Wire
» Tantalum Marker Test Kits

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X-medics ships worldwide in 3 days

ISO Certification

» ISO 9001:2015 certificate
» ISO 13485:2012 certificate

Independent 3rd Party Testing

The material used in the production of the beads is tested by independent laboratories.  » View more

ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity tests performed by independent laboratories confirms the product purity.   » View more

Top Global Supplier

A superior product quality combined with short lead times and our medical quality system certification have made X-medics a marked leader within medical grade tantalum components. X-medics supplies to 6 out of 10 leading spinal implant companies.  » View more