Tantalum Wire

Tantalum Wire

X-medics offers a wide range of medical grade tantalum (ASTM F 560 / ISO 13782) wire to be used in fabrication tantalum wire markers or other devices. Depending on the production setup tantalum wire is offered in 3 basic forms: Annealed tantalum wire (on spool), unannealed tantalum wire (on spool) as well as straightened tantalum wire rods (3 feet / 914 mm long). X-medics also offers tantalum wire test kits to be used for prototyping. Tantalum wire on spool is a good option for automated processing, whereas straightened tantalum wire in rods is suitable for manual tantalum machining or semi-automated processing.

X-medics hold a large inventory of tantalum wire for day-to-day delivery and have no minimum order requirement. Non-standard tantalum wire dimensions and tolerances may be offered with a limited lead-time.

Tantalum wire and rods for instant shipping

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Independent testing

A 3.1B certificate is included with every tantalum wire shipment from x-medics. Optionally the tantalum wire can be offered with an independent certificate from a 3rd party ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, that analysis the mechanical and chemical conditions of the tantalum wire.

Conflict-free Sourcing

All X-medics tantalum wire products has undergone independent 3rd party audit concerning conflict free sourcing and fulfills the requirement of H.R. 4173, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This ensures that no tantalum wire has been produced from minerals with origin in DRC Congo or other conflict areas

Unique biocompatibility

Tantalum wire markers offer good radiographic opacity and excellent biocompatibility


Tantalum wire fabrication starts with tantalum ingot, that is produced from tantalum scrap or mined tantalum minerals. The ingot size is reduced in a number of steps ending up tantalum wire by wire drawing. The major part of produced tantalum wire is used in tantalum capacitor production.