1.000mm Tantalum Beads / Balls / Spheres - 10,000 pcs
Tantalum Beads / Balls / SpheresTantalum Beads / Balls / Spheres1.600mm Tantalum Beads / Balls / Spheres

1.000 mm Tantalum Beads / Balls / Spheres – Custom amounts

  • Grade 50 – tolerance +/- 0.005 mm

  • Medical grade Tantalum ASTM F560 / ISO 13782

  • Cleaned/passivated according to ASTM F86

  • Independent materials testing certificate

  • Independent surface purity testing (ISO 10993-5)

  • Custom amount – Min. order 10,000 pcs

Product Description

Product Overview

Type: Tantalum Beads / Balls / Spheres

Diameter: 1.000mm
Tolerance: +/- 0.005mm
Diameter: 0.0394″
Tolerance: +/- 0.0002″

Packaging: Custom amounts in glass containers, securely held within a foam-padded hard case. 

Grade: Medical Grade – ASTM F560 / ISO 13782 (UNS 05200)

Temper: Unannealed (as drawn)

Documentation: All our spherical tantalum markers are tested by independent, specialized laboratories and certified that they adhere to the highest standards (see right). Documentation for these analyses is provided in the product certificate, which accompanies the product shipment.

Standard Shipping: Products are shipped worldwide within 3 days of order using FedEx. The glass vials, held securely within foam inside a hard-case, are shipped in bubble-wrap envelopes inside a robust corrugated fiberboard carton.

Tested Quality

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