Tantalum Wire Test Kit
Tantalum Beads Sample

Test Kit #2: Tantalum Wire/Beads

$ 349.00

  • 1 ft 1.20 mm Tantalum wire
  • 1 ft 1.50 mm Tantalum wire
  • 1 ft 2.00 mm Tantalum wire
  • 50 pcs 1.000 mm Tantalum Beads / Balls

USD 349.00 (excl. shipping)

Product Description

Product Overview

Types: Tantalum Wire Samples , Beads

Wire Samples Included:
1.200 mm (0.472″) Tantalum Wire (annealed)
1.500 mm (0.0592) Tantalum Wire (annealed)
2.000 mm (0.0787″) Tantalum Wire (annealed)

Sample Lengths: 1 ft
Temper Type: Annealed

Beads Samples Included:
50 pcs – 1.000 mm Tantalum Beads / Balls

Grade: Medical Grade – ASTM F560 / ISO 13782

Tested Quality

Conflict-Free Sourcing

As required by the U.S. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, X-medics has committed itself to only accepting materials from smelters that are registered as participating in the Conflict-Free Sourcing Program initiated by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative. For tantalum received by X-medics from August 2014 or later, the delivery date as well as the conflict-free smelter ID Number will be provided on the product certificate.

» Read more about why this is important at www.conflictfreesourcing.org