Straightened tantalum wire / tantalum rods in lengths of 915 mm / 3 feet
Packaging of X-medics Tantalum Rods

0.500mm (0.0197″) Tantalum Rod in 3ft length

  • Lengths of 3 feet (914 mm)

  • Tolerance: +/- 0.005 mm

  • Medical grade Tantalum ASTM F560 / ISO 13782

  • Temper Type: Unannealed

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Product Description

Product Overview

Type: Straightened Tantalum Rods in 3 foot (914 mm) lengths

Diameter: 0.500 mm
Tolerance: – 0.005 mm / + 0.005 mm
Diameter: 0.0196″
Tolerance: – 0.0002″ / + 0.0002″

Packaging: Packaged in hard, robust plastic tubes the rods are protected under shipment.

Grade: Medical Grade – ASTM F560 / ISO 13782 (UNS 05400)

Temper: Unannealed (as drawn)

Documentation: All our tantalum marker rods are tested and certified that they adhere to the highest standards (see right). Documentation for these analyses is provided in the product certificate, which accompanies the product shipment.

Standard Shipping: Products are shipped worldwide within 3 days of order using FedEx. The hard plastic tubes containing the rods are held securely within foam inside an outer protective tube.

Tested Quality

The material used in the production of the rods is tested by an independent ISO 17025 accredited laboratory to confirm that all materials satisfy the requirements of the relevant industry specification, i.e. medical grade tantalum composition in ASTM F560 / ISO 13782 (UNS R05400).

The following chemical composition is guaranteed:

TantalumBalanceCarbonMax 100
OxygenMax. 300NitrogenMax. 100
HydrogenMax. 15NiobiumMax. 1000
IronMax. 100TitaniumMax. 100
TungstenMax 500.MolybdenumMax. 100
SiliconMax. 100NickelMax. 100

The actual values are provided in the certificate we ship with all our Tantalum markers.

» Read more on our material testing procedure here

As required by the U.S. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, X-medics has committed itself to only accepting materials from smelters that are registered as participating in the Conflict-Free Sourcing Program initiated by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative. For tantalum received by X-medics from August 2014 or later, the delivery date as well as the conflict-free smelter ID Number will be provided on the product certificate.

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