Tantalum Marker Test Kits

Tantalum Marker Test Kits

X-medics offers a range of test kits that includes small amounts of medical (surgical) grade

The test kits are suitable for initial phases of product development, where different properties (e.g. radiopacity) are to be evaluated against the geometrical form of the tantalum beads or the tantalum pins. The tantalum test kits are also suitable for evaluation of production processes (e.g. differences between annealed and unannealed tantalum material) or for general laboratory use.

The tantalum test kit contains unalloyed surgical grade tantalum corresponding to the specification of ISO 13782, ASTM F560 and BS 7252-13. The material further fulfils requirements of ASTM B365. The test kits include copy of material certificates as well as batch numbering of the included products, ensuring traceability of material used in all steps of the product development phase

The tests are supplied at prices ranging from USD 299 and can be ordered directly from stock.

Tantalum Test kits available for instant shipping