Radio Stereometric Analysis

1.6mm Tantalum Marker Beads

X-medics offers tantalum RSA markers for insertion into medical device materials. Unfortunately we do not sell finished medical devices nor sell products fully prepared for end-user surgery. In case X-medics’ products are used for clinical trials it will have to be performed under responsibility of a principal investigator.

Inventory of 1.6mm Marker Beads

We offer the following inventory of 1.6mm markers. Depending on the specific application, we offer tantalum markers with different surface finishes, and optional ASTM F86 (medical device) cleaning and passivation. Sample packaging (100 pcs) can be purchased via our online shop. 500 pcs, or custom amount packaging can also be quoted.

  • B1600-BU2-S80: Tantalum Beads 1.600 mm – High Tolerance – R05200 – ASTM F86


Unique Biocompatibility

Spherical tantalum markers have been used for more than 30 years for roentgen (x-ray) stereophotogrammetric or radio stereometric analysis without any severe events reported. X-medics’ tantalum RSA markers have today been used in clinical trials on several thousand patients. X-medics markers are made from surgical grade tantalum. Tantalum is biocompatible, well tolerated by the body, and readily observed as a distinct point in the radiograph. As tantalum markers are radio-opaque and requires only a low x-ray dose for examination.


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