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tantalum marker beads
Balls in tantalum
Spheres in Tantalum
Tantalum rods for tantalum marking
Wire in Tantalum

A Leading Supplier of Tantalum Marker Products

X-medics is a leading supplier of tantalum markers for implant applications. As a specialized medical component niche player, we are constantly optimizing our product portfolio, product testing, documentation and business processes to fulfill our customers needs, today, and in the future, within the field of radiographic marking products.

Large Inventory

Please find a full overview of our tantalum products in the pages below:

Beads / Balls / Spheres

X-medics offers a wide range of spherical tantalum component that offer good radiographic opacity and excellent biocompatibility. They are suitable for medical device marking or as for e.g. RSA . With well-defined diameter and adequate mechanical properties, they are able to withstand the impact of insertion.

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Pins in Pre-cut Lengths

X-medics’ tantalum marker pins are offered in pre-cut lengths. The pins offer strong radiographic opacity and are suitable for marking medical devices made from e.g. PEEK. From January 2018 we are offering an of-the-shelf portfolio of marker pins in different lenghts.

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Rods in 3 feet Lengths

X-medics offers a wide selection of medical grade tantalum rods for manufacturing of tantalum markers and other devices. The 3 feet (914 mm) long rods are a good option for a number of tantalum machining processes.

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Wire on Spool

X-medics offers a wide range of Ta (ASTM F 560 / ISO 13782) wire to be used in fabrication markers and other devices.  We hold large inventory of  annealed and unannealed wire on spool for instant shipping

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Online Shop of Sample Products

X-medics offers the largest of-the-shelf selection of product samples available anywhere.  The samples can be checkout by your credit card in your currency, and shipped to reach you in a few days. As all the sample products includes 3.1 certificates and are therefore suitable for medical device R&D work and prototyping, where proper material tractability is required.

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Decades of research experience available

Tantalum markers have for decades been used in eye, bone, and cranial clinical surgery, in cancer tumor treatment, and many other applications. In our Technote section, you may find information about biocompatibility, as well as many technical articles about practical experience in x-ray marker production.

In our RSA section, you may find reference to literature about markers and techniques used in radiostereometric analysis.

We have been working together with hundreds of marker manufactures over the years. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need support in your production planning.

A Top Global Supplier

A superior quality product, combined with short lead times, and our medical quality system certification, have made X-medics a market leader within medical grade marking components. X-medics supplies 8 out of 10 of the leading spinal implant companies.

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Company Presentation

How make tantalum markers

X-medics’ Grants

X-medics annually distribute grants for up to USD 10,000 for educational, academical and social work.

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New Products

Spherical Markers

We have expanded our product program significantly. We now offer 30 standard configurations of spherical markers for day-to-day delivery!  Available variants include 0.3 to 1.6 mm diameter, with different surface finishes, and, with, or without, ASTM F86 cleaning and passivation.

We have also expanded our standard selection of wire and rods.

Tantalum Pins

Starting January 2018, we are offering 0.8 mm, 1mm and 1.2 mm tantalum marker pins, delivered in pre-cut lengths from 1.2 mm to 20 mm from stock. We also plan to expand our inventory during the year.

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