Special Offers

In X-medics’ shop you may find a special limited offers with wide range of tantalum beads in glass packaging, ready to ship to you in a matter of days

Our inventory is suitable for manufacturing and R&D purposes. Unfortunately we do not sell finished medical devices nor sell products fully prepared for end-user surgery.

All delivered with a full 3.1 certification package and offer is quick a way to initiate your upcoming project.

  • B0500-BU2-S80: Tantalum Beads 0.500 mm – High Tolerance – R05200 – Super Polished – ASTM F86 – 10,000 Pcs

  • B0400-CU2-P00: Tantalum Beads 0.400 mm – R5200 – 10,000 Pcs

  • B0300-BU2-S00: Tantalum Beads 0.300 mm – High Tolerance – R05200 – Super Polished – 10,000 Pcs