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X-medics is a leading supplier of medical grade tantalum beads, tantalum balls, tantalum spheres and tantalum wire markers for improving x-ray radio-opacity in implant applications.

A superior quality product combined with short lead times and the ISO 13485 medical quality system certification have made X-medics a market leader within medical grade tantalum components. Today X-medics supplies tantalum products to 5 out of the 10 largest spinal implant companies in the world.

From the very beginning, it has been X-medics’ aim to reduce the distance from the mill to the end-user, and give customers an alternative to many intermediaries who lack specialist knowledge.

From the rationale of being “BEST” rather than “BIG,” our resources are focused on a limited product program, close customer collaboration, a dedicated streamlined production, and an efficient administrative setup. In doing so, we can offer products that far exceed normal standards, but are still competitive in price.

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X-medics Scandinavia S.M.B.A
Sankt Knuds Vej 11, KLD-TH
DK-1903 Frederiksberg

Email: sales@x-medics.com
Phone: +45 2448 2997

Registration no / VAT no. DK32444652

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