X-medics’ Tantalum Scholarship

Eligibility: Any student with a high school diploma or equivalent can apply for this scholarship.

Award: $ 1000

Application deadline: September 30 – Annually

Winner annoncement: October 31 – Annually

Selection Criteria: The successful applicant must demonstrate potential, financial or other hardship, based on opportunity and equity criteria.

How to apply: Use the form below. Application is free.

Essay: Please give a short essay explaining your education goals and plans after graduating college. Explain why you deserve to win and what the scholarship means to you.

Application Form

Application is Free

It is without cost to apply for the scholarship and granted money will be paid out with no deductions.

Feed back

Only granted applicants will receive a direct feed back by email. If you want to know the winner, you may sign-up for a notification about the winner here: Sign-up for winner notifications

Conditions and handling of personal information

Non-Grated Applicants: The application as well as any personal details will be deleted from our system within 12 months.

Granted Applicants: Upon pay-out of granted applications we are by law required to collect personal information including proof of residence, and valid ID information (copy of ID card / passport)  This information is for company tax purposes stored in our records for 5 years and will not be shared with 3rd party. X-medics is not reporting the grant to any authorities, institutions nor tax departments and it is the responsibility of the applicant to inform relevant authorities / institutions about any received money and further to report and fully pay applicable personal tax. X-medics may further store information about granted projects and persons and use this for promotional activities.

Contact information

Grant secretary may be contacted via email: student-grant@x-medics.com. Phone 0045-23207169. Secretary will not respond to questions about specific applications.

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