ASTM F86 Cleaning and Passivation of Tantalum Parts

X-medics’ tantalum products are optionally cleaned and passivated according to ASTM F86 (Standard Practice for Surface Preparation and Marking of Metallic Surgical Implants) by an ISO 13485 certified company.

This treatment ensures that the tantalum parts are free from foreign metal particles, grease and other possible contaminants arising during manufacturing and processing.

The validated ASTM F86 cleaning procedure occurs in several steps:

  1. Pre-cleaning in hot alkaline solution
  2. Cold rinse in tap water
  3. Cold rinse in osmosis water
  4. Nitric acid passivation
  5. Acidic rinse
  6. Cold rinse in osmosis water
  7. Hot rinse in osmosis water
  8. Hot rinse in demineralised water
  9. Final hot rinse in demineralised water
  10. Drying in hot air stream

The alkaline cleaning removes grease, oil, dirt and other loose particles from the surface of the tantalum surface.

Passivation in nitric acid removes embedded particles from production – typically iron filings from tooling (steel). The nitric acid dissolves iron particles selectively, as tantalum material is non-reactive with nitric acid.

Ultrasonic baths are used during the treatment to ensure efficient removal of particles from the surface of the tantalum parts.

Read more about ASTM F86: Standard Practice for Surface Preparation and Marking of Metallic Surgical Implants

See an automated cleaning / passivation process line here:

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