X-medics Newsletter

December 2017

In this newsletter you may read about

  • New improved website
  • Extended product program of beads, rods and wire
  • X-medics to offer finished tantalum pins
  • Order handling during the New Year 2017/2018 holidays

New Improved Website

We are pleased to announce that we have improved our website, so it is easier to navigate, runs faster, and we have included plenty of additional products and technical information.

Quick Access to Technical Information

On our product pages, we have further added quick-links to relevant technical information (Technotes),  making it easier for you to select the product that best fulfills your needs. You may also access our technical information directly in our Technote section.

New Online Shop

More and more of our customers have been ordering our sample product kits containing beads and wire. In our new Shop we have tried to make it even easier.

All our on-the-self products are now available as samples in the online shop, where you can purchase them 24/7, pay by credit card, and receive the samples worldwide in max. three business day. There is a flat shipping rate of EUR 129, regardless of the number of samples you purchase.

All samples in the shop come with a 3.1 test report/certificate at no extra cost. You may therefore use the samples for R&D work, or prototype projects, without compromising documentation requirements and material tracebility.

New Literature Section about RSA Marking

As a service for our existing and new customers working with RSA marking projects, we have included references to more than 150 scientific articles on RSA marking in our new site. These articles allow you fast access to relevant information in planning your work. Via our large selection of samples, you can get going with your trials in a very short time frame.

Extended Product Program of Beads, Wire and Rods

Extended Beads / Balls / Spheres Program

We have improved our tantalum beads / balls / spheres section with a larger product offering, and can now offer 30 standard bead configurations, in sizes between 0.3 and 1.6 mm. X-medics now offers the largest off-the-shelf bead program anywhere!

Most of the ball sizes are offered in different tolerances, with different surface finishes, and, in addition, with, or without, ASTM F86 cleaning and passivation.

The large product portfolio makes it possible for you to choose a cost-optimized solution that is still technically suitable for your projects.

Additional Tantalum Wire and Rods Products

We have expanded our standard selection of wire and rods. You can find our full offering, for day-to-day shipment, on the product pages.

X-medics to Offer Finished Tantalum Pins

We have begun production of tantalum pins with a diameter of 1 mm +/- 0.01 mm, and lengths from 1.5 mm to 16 mm, in small increments. The pins are delivered burr-free, cleaned and passivated according to ASTM F86, and are available, in stock, with day-to-delivery in smaller quantities, starting January 2018. We also accept specific orders from customers in other diameters and lengths, that optionally may be stocked for day-to-day delivery in future orders.

X-medics Will Not Ship Orders from December 28 – January 4

Due to the holidays, X-medics will not ship orders in the period from December 28 – January 4. We will answer e-mails and proces orders, but at a slower pace than usual. We will ship orders received, at the latest, by December 21, on December 22, will ship urgent orders on December 27, and otherwise ship orders on January 5, 2018.


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