Tantalum Beads / Balls

Tantalkugeln, Billes de tantale, Sfere de tantalo, 비드 -> 볼, 钽珠

1.000 mm / 0.0394″

  • +/- 0.005 mm (+/- 0.0002″) – high tolerance
  • Medical Grade ASTM F560 / ISO 13782 /  R05200
  • Standard Polished
  • ASTM F86 Cleaned and Passivated

Product ID: B1000-BU2-P80

Product Synonyms: Tantalum Beads, Tantalum Balls, Tantalum Spheres

1.000mm Tantalum Beads / Balls / Spheres 500 Pcs

100 Beads / Balls Sample


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Product Specifications

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X-medics standard bead tolerance is +/- 0.005 mm (AFMBA grade 50) that has been optimized for automated processing and general tolerance requirements when inserted into PEEK and other medical grade materials. For some ball diameters we also offer a lower (+/- 0.02 mm) tolerance that can offered at a slightly lower cost than our standard tolerance.

> Read more about ball tolerances.

Surgical grade tantalum beads / balls are available in two tantalum material grades – R05200 (electron beam / vacuum arc melted) and R05400 (sintered). Tantalum R05200 and Tantalum R05400 are equally suitable for surgery and offer almost similar mechanical and chemical characteristics.

> Read more about tantalum grades.

X-medics’ tantalum balls and beads are available as either standard polished or super polished. The standard polished baeds undergo a single polishing step during ball processing and is is a cost optimized option that is suitable for most applications. The super polished balls undergo several polishing steps and has been developed as a high-end option to be used in critical automated processes.

> Read more about surface finish.

ASTM F86 Cleaning and Passivation is a standard cleaning procedure to remove particles and process residues from the surface of the tantalum spheres. As ASTM F86 is a cost efficient cleaning method it is specified by 90{1feb32f37b57049aa0371d069a4666091ee93c603ed37b7f2d4d8905fcafb62a} of X-medics’ customers. In some cases ASTM F86 treatment is not suitable, as the the passivation may increase the thickness of natural occurring tantalum oxide layer on the tantalum surface. The thicker tantalum oxide layer may tend to build up static electricity and increase the surface roughness (friction) of the balls.

> Read more about ASTM F86 cleaning and passivation

Alternative Product Options

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You may consider the standard product option(s) below. If no relevant option is listed you may contact us for a customer specific quote.

Super polished

Additional Features

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Every material lot used in X-medics’ production of tantalum products has been tested by an independent ISO 17025 accredited laboratory to confirm that the tantalum material satisfies the requirements of ASTM F560 / ISO 13782 and is suitable for ball processing. A copy of the independent certificate is provided with all shipments from X-medics. The laboratory analyses the chemical and mechanical characteristics of the wire and compare them again the ISO/ASTM tantalum grade standards.

> Read more about 3rd party material testing.

The produced tantalum balls are tested for cytotoxicity according to ISO 10093-5 (Biological evaluation of medical devices — Part 5: Tests for in vitro cytotoxicity) by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. The test is done to verify that no harmful substances (process chemicals, cleaning agents or particles) remain in critical (cytotoxic) amounts after the tantalum balls have been processed and cleaned.

> Read more about ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity Testing

X-medics is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2012 certified by Bureau Veritas Europe.

> Link to ISO 9001:2015 certificate
> Link to ISO 13485:2012 certificate

All X-medics’ tantalum products are conflict-free. X-medics only works with suppliers that can show evidence for a continuously 3rd party auditing performed by independent auditors appointed by Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition or similar recognized bodies. Proper origin of the materials and compliance Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act conflict minerals is required documented and this documentation can be tracked on the certificate that follows any shipment from X-medics. X-medics does not use tantalum minerals with origin in the DRC Congo or other conflict areas covered by the law.

> Read more about conflict free sourcing of tantalum.

All tantalum balls from x-medics are REACH and RoSH compliant.

> Read more about REACH and RoHS compliance

Available Packaging

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Sample - 1.000mm Tantalum Beads / Tantalum Balls / Tantalum Spheres

Sample of 1.000mm 0.0394″ Tantalum Beads / Tantalum Balls / Tantalum Spheres

1.000mm Tantalum Beads / Tantalum Balls / Tantalum Spheres in 500 pcs packaging

1.000mm 0.0394″ Tantalum Beads / Tantalum Balls / Tantalum Spheres in 500 pcs packaging

1.000 mm Tantalum Beads / Tantalum Balls / Tantalum Spheres - Single container

1.000 mm 0.0394″ Tantalum Beads / Tantalum Balls / Tantalum Spheres – Glass container

1.000 mm Tantalum Beads / Tantalum Balls / Tantalum Spheres Packed in customer specific vial size

1.000 mm 0.0394″ Tantalum Beads / Tantalum Balls / Tantalum Spheres Packed in customer specific vial size

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